Whitepaper: SecuPi for Data Mesh – Protecting Data on Starburst and Trino

7 Mar, 2023
2 min read

Combining FPE Encryption, Dynamic Access Policies and Real- time Activity Monitoring to Control and Protect Data in Starburst and Trino for Data Sovereignty, Privacy & Security.

Ever-growing Cloud adoption, privacy regulations and data- sharing sovereignty laws create the urgency to protect data at-rest and in-use, from ingestion from the operational systems to deletion as required by various data privacy regulations worldwide.

To address these ever-growing requirements, a centralized, overarching platform is required – delivering both real-time activity monitoring and threat detection for addressing the “security by design” principle, FPE Encryption/Tokenization (protection of data at-rest) to address data sharing contracts and sovereignty requirements related to data movement from on-prem to Cloud and from Cloud location to another, as well as fine-grained Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) to ensure sensitive data is not exposed to unauthorized business, analysts and privileged users. Logical and physical deletion of customer data is also required for addressing data retention mandates as defined in data sharing agreements and “Right of deletion” imposed by GDPR, CPRA, PDPA and others.

SecuPi platform takes away the heavy lifting associated with enforcing data protection by-design, at-rest and in-use with contextual access-control, eliminating complexity, redundancy and reducing CAPEX, OPEX and resources required for defining and maintaining policies, both in Starburst, and in other high-risk Cloud and on-prem compute environments.

Download our whitepaper to learn more about how to enable monitoring, tagging, de-Identification and ABAC to both Starburst as well as on each respective data-source, while eliminating complexity and reducing costs.

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