Webinar: Secure and encrypt Confluent & Kafka with SecuPi Data Centric Privacy & Compliance Platform

9 Aug, 2020
1 min read

As businesses unite around Apache Kafka as the single source of truth and Confluent Platform as the organisation’s central nervous system, enabling data-centric data encryption, data security and governance features becomes crucial.

It is more demanding today, than it ever has been, in relation to Data Privacy and Compliance with continually evolving regulatory requirements. The impetus is upon Technology and Analytics teams to create secure and private environments for the business.

To meet this need technology and analytics teams should be able to react quickly with the correct tooling and techniques to effectively meet ever-changing demands – protecting sensitive data from careless, malicious insiders, and hackers is an ongoing effort specifically in the enterprise core-data streaming platforms of Confluent/Kafka.

Watch this recorded webinar now on ‘Data Security, Governance & Encryption at Scale’, where speakers from ConfluentSecuPi, and Marionete discuss the things you must absolutely get right for data encryption, protection and privacy when using Apache Kafka and Confluent.

Things you’ll learn:

• Must-have data-centric security and GDPR/CCPA privacy requirements of streaming large scale near real-time (NRT) data
• How to classify, monitor, audit and encrypt (with Hold Your Own Key – HYOK) /mask/filter sensitive data flows for Kafka and Confluent KSQL using SecuPi Data-Centric Platform
• How Confluent Platform and SecuPi integrate with Mationete expert services for end to end data protection and privacy compliance capabilities for Kafka implementations

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