Data Security and Governance for Analytics with Hold Your Own Key in your Cloud Data Platform


Data Security and Governance for Analytics with Hold Your Own Key in your Cloud Data Platform


Cloud hosting providers, along with the databases and applications that run on cloud-hosted infrastructure, do a great job of providing as good or better security controls as their prospective customers enjoy today on-premise. However, this is often not enough for many customers who need additional safeguards for PII/PHI data hosted in the cloud and the Data privacy regulations are also not making life easier, not to mention needing to be mindful of the level of access permitted certain kinds of users and privileged users. 

The easiest way for organizations to retain full control with virtually complete transitions to the Cloud is through Anonymization of data or rendering enough sensitive data fields inaccessible when in the Cloud and only accessible again when coming back on-premise or back within your span of control. 

This is where Hold Your Own Key (HYOK) becomes essential. Encrypting data prior to sending it to the Cloud and only decrypting once back on-premise or when requested by an authorized user with a legal basis/”need-to-know” is the only way to satisfy any more conservative trust models. In this webinar, SecuPi and Qlik will discuss how a joint solution can eliminate most of the risks with Any large or complex Qlik implementations on Snowflake or other DBaaS platforms involving multiple data sources and/or migrating to the cloud, freeing Data Analytics teams to analyze data, not spend most of their time designing, testing and implementing essential data security controls.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

Thursday, Oct 15, 2020

8:30am PST / 11:30pm EST / 15:30 GMT

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