Deletion and ABAC: From On-prem to Cloud Stores

Fireside chat on applying physical, logical deletion and ABAC on hundreds of data sources.

As enterprises embrace the advantages of automation, the shift from manual deletion to automated deletion has become a crucial step in enhancing data management. Simultaneously, safeguarding sensitive data is paramount, necessitating the implementation of fine-grained access control (ABAC) to ensure data is only accessible on a “need-to-know” basis.

In this webinar, market experts will discuss the market’s needs, required functionality, and best practices for delivering a robust data privacy solution with privacy and security measures.

Topics discussed:



Lee Biggenden

Co-Founder & Director

Nephos Technologies

Alon Rosenthal

CEO & Co-founder


Tue, Aug 15, 2023


Time: 15:00 GMT

This webinar is over, but you can watch an on-demand recording of it here:

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