The Future of DAM: The New DB-Agentless DAM 2.0

30 Mar, 2023
2 min read

Companies looking to protect their sensitive data have likely considered (or are already using) a database activity monitoring (DAM) tool. But in reality, DAM solutions that have been around for 20 years are expensive, impact operations and involve high maintenance costs. Additionally, they require deploying agents on each database, leading to delayed security patches and upgrades. In terms of data security, they lack visibility when business and analytics applications connect using a generic service account or when an orchestration layer, such as Trino/Starburst/Denodo is used.

If that is not enough, Legacy DAM tools are not designed to support cloud data platforms as they cannot deploy agents, hence depend on passive log collection with no remediation.

To summarize, here are some of the drawbacks of using Legacy DAM solutions:

  • High Cost of Ownership (TCO) – for turning-on Cloud DB audit trails, maintaining collectors, aggregators and DB Agents
  • Blind spots with all applications that use generic service accounts to connect to DBs
  • Threat actors with internal credentials have access to all critical data as there are no real-time preventive controls

To address these issues, organizations need a solution that provides centralized data access controls with an independent and tamper-proof audit trail of all access to sensitive data, while being application and data repository-independent, transparent to end-users, applications, ETL, and database operations, and with minimal cost and rapid implementation.


Moving to the New DB-Agentless DAM 2.0

With the new DB-Agentless DAM 2.0, SecuPi provides a modern solution that excels the legacy DAM tools, with its flexible, native Cloud architecture, fine-grained access control and ability to address new privacy regulations with tamper-proof audit trails and remediation to all database access.

With SecuPi, organizations can have centrally managed, policy-based, fine-grained row, column and field-level access control and de-identification of sensitive data.


Benefits Realized Across Finance, Operations & Security

Here are some of the advantages of using the SecuPi new DB-Agentless DAM 2.0:

  • Low TCO – SecuPi requires only a few hours to install. Built for Cloud with K8s, and no DB audit trails nor agents required!
  • SecuPi provides full lineage and context to application end-user using application overlays
  • SecuPi Preventive Controls include blocking, Dynamic Masking, ABAC SSO, MFA and the use of Password vault – completely hiding production database credentials from privileged users.


To learn more on how to stop your legacy DAM headache, and secure your DBs more efficiently, contact SecuPi now to schedule a demo.

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