“Support” is defined as SecuPi’ obligations to respond to support requests as described in Exhibit A (Enterprise Support). “Maintenance” means SecuPi’ obligations related to error resolution, bug fixes and the provision of updates and upgrades made generally commercially available by SecuPi in its sole discretion, all as described in Exhibit A. SecuPi will provide Maintenance and Support for the Software, for trial  licenses, subject to payment of the Maintenance and Support Fees, SecuPi will provide Support for the Maintenance and Support period set forth in the Order Form, as it may be renewed (the “Maintenance and Support Term”).






SecuPi will provide access to email address ( and email communication will be in place until the integration of the software has been successfully completed and accepted by End User. The email address will be available twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week. The email account will be maintained by qualified support specialists, who shall use commercially reasonable efforts to answer questions and resolve problems regarding the Software.


SecuPi will provide support to the End User as set forth in this Exhibit A, for a period 60 months following the date the Software is purchased (the “SLA Period”).



Support is available during business hours based on Central European time including any and all statutory holidays. In the event where European markets on British standard time procure products and services under this Agreement, support will be available during business hours based on British standard time including any and all statutory holidays.



Any reported errors are classified in the following manner, in each case when caused by the Software:

Error Classification  Criteria

====================  ========

Urgent                End User production application is down or there is a                       major malfunction, resulting in a business revenue loss and                       impacting the End User application functionality for a                       majority of users.


High                  Critical loss of End User application functionality or                       performance, impacting the application functionality for a                       high number of users.


Normal                Moderate loss of End User application functionality or                       performance, impacting multiple users.


Low                   Minor loss of End User application functionality or                       product feature in question.


An “error” means a reproducible malfunction in the Software that is reported by End User through SecuPi’ ticketing system that prevents the Software from performing in accordance with the operating specifications described in the then-current Documentation.



Maintenance and Support will be provided solely to End User’s designated support contacts who have the right level of expertise to open a ticket to SecuPi. The Order Form must indicate a maximum number of up to two designated support contacts for End User’s service level. End User will provide its designated support contacts, including its primary email address.



If End User reports a purported error in the Software to SecuPi, SecuPi’ ticketing system will request from the End User to share the following minimum information:

  • A general description of the operating environment
  • A list of all hardware components, operating systems and networks
  • A reproducible test case
  • Any log files, trace and systems files

End User’s failure to provide this information may prevent or significantly delay SecuPi’ ability to identify and fix the reported error. SecuPi’ time to respond to any error will begin when SecuPi has received all requested information from the End User and is able to reproduce the error.




During the SLA period, SecuPi shall repair an error in the version of the Software that End User is currently using. Following the SLA Period If SecuPi determines there is an error in the Software, SecuPi may, at its sole option repair that error in the version of the Software that End User is currently using, or instruct End User to install a newer version of the Software with that error repaired. SecuPi reserves the right to provide End User with a workaround in lieu of fixing an error.


SOFTWARE UPDATES AND UPGRADES. End User must be current on maintenance fees in order to receive access to Maintenance.


RESPONSE TIME.  SecuPi shall respond to error tickets in accordance with the tables set forth below. SecuPi will use commercially reasonable means to repair the error and keep End User informed of progress. SecuPi makes no representations as to when a full resolution of the error may be made.




Error    Initial Response   Manager Escalation  VP Escalation   Email Status Updates   =====    ================   ==================  =============   ====================

Urgent   1 hour             1 Business Day      1 Week          Daily

High     2 Hours            1 Week              2 Weeks         Weekly

Normal   1 Business Day     Quarterly Review    None            None Low      2 Business Days    Semi-Annual Review  None            None


Maintenance and Support Policy: The Maintenance and Support policy is as follows: SecuPi provides Maintenance and Support for each version of the Software for a period of twelve (12) months after the generally available release of the next major version of the Software (a major release is a change in the first number to the right of the decimal point). Such period shall be extended if required by the End User, at a premium fee, according to the terms that will be agreed in writing by the Parties. SecuPi does not provide Maintenance or Support for any customized third party software (or components thereof). For third party software or technology used by End User with the Software but not included with the Software (a “Platform”, such as Java Virtual Machines), SecuPi will follow the end-of-life (“EOL”) support timeline announced by the third party vendor of such Platform. SecuPi will stop providing Maintenance and Support for an EOL’d Platform version when the Platform vendor stops providing maintenance and support for that Platform version.


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