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The travel and transportation industry has seen a major digital transformation in recent years. Companies collect data about individuals as they travel, from credit card to passport information and through implementing customer loyalty programs. While this transformation has undoubtedly improved the travel business and experience, it has also significantly increased compliance and security demands.
With SecuPi, travel and transportation organization can better comply with privacy regulation and secure their travels data by auditing it real time and keeping data access on a need to know basis.


Today’s privacy compliance demands are forcing the government sector to comply with current privacy regulation. However, these organizations often still use aging application and system that are not built for today’s pressing requirements.
Revamping these applications is no simple task due to time, cost and the potential system corruption it could cause. With SecuPi, these organization can address today’s privacy requirements, even on archaic application, in timely manner without the need to revamp their applications.


Some of the most classic breaches involved major retail firms as a Target. Hackers and malicious insider have successfully stolen payments card and transactional information, hurting the business financially and destroying its reputation. SecuPi provides retail firms with a robust application security solution that is capable of detecting malicious users and activities in real-time with instant response. Prevent data breaches and secure sensitive customer information before damage occurs.

SecuPi has been serving one of the largest Retail firms in Germany providing them with the capability to discover, monitor, protect and delete personal customer data within their existing application landscape, making them GDPR-ready.


Hospitals and health organizations hold sensitive medical and personal information of millions of clients. While other industries hold information that can be changed or discarded (such as credit card number), a person’s medical and personal records are unable to ever be changed, making it even more sensitive. Healthcare organizations are held to high standards by privacy regulations such HIPAA, GDPR and more. In addition to personal medical records, hospitals handle billing and insurance records and payment information on a continuous basis, making hospitals an appealing target for malicious hackers. SecuPi can provide healthcare organizations with full visibility and control over their personal customers information enabling the to be compliant with privacy regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS and more.


With hundreds of applications handled by over thousands of representative with direct customer information access, the Telecommunications industry has been facing major challenges to be compliant with current privacy regulations. SecuPi enables full audit and monitoring of data access providing the security team with full visibility of all user actions in real time. On top of that, SecuPi offers Data Access Governance solutions that enables telecommunications companies gain full control over “who can see what” allowing sensitive information to be shared with employees solely on a “need to know” basis – all while keeping the business flow uninterrupted.

SecuPi has been serving multiple Telecommunications companies, including the largest European Telco provider.


Insurance companies hold a great deal of clients’ personal information which is deeply integrated within their systems used to calculate and determine policy rates.
These firms are held to high compliance expectations by the current privacy regulations.
While the purpose of insurance is to prevent customer’s financial loss, it is highly susceptible to malicious threats and breaches that can actually jeopardize sensitive customer information.
Most of this information is accessed through applications that must be highly protected, inside and out. SecuPi enables insurance companies to gain control over critical data access and provides various protection capabilities for staying keeping its customer data safe and compliant.

SecuPi serves one of the leading insurance firms in Italy.


Banking applications handling personal information and monetary transactions are often inviting targets and therefore must be highly protected. SecuPi’s unprecedented visibility and prevention capabilities enable financial institutions reach a new level of application privacy compliance and security. Ensuring fine-grained monitoring of sensitive data access and maintaining regulated data exposure on a “need to know” basis.

SecuPi serves the second largest financial organization in Europe.

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