Zero Trust 2.0

Zero trust cybersecurity architecture introduces new security concepts such as data centricity and conditional access to achieve the core concept of never trusting a request for data, applications, or resources.

The US Department of Defense (DoD), recently released an update to its Zero Trust (ZT) Reference Architecture. The updated approach to cybersecurity has been updated to become data-centric and infuse ZT principles. The new architecture describes Enterprise standards and capabilities, while also highlighting some of the key reasons, imperatives and considerations for organizations to adopt a data-centric zero-trust strategy.


Achieving Zero Trust with SecuPi Data Centric Security Platform

Following the endorsement of zero-trust (ZT) by the White House the most recent work published by the DoD and NSA has extended the requirement from ZT enabled infrastructure into security applications and Data. Few notable data-centric requirements for a ZT architecture include:

  • securing applications using Risk-adaptive Application Access using Attribute Based Access Control, Data Classification and tagging as well as Dynamic Data Masking and Encryption for data in-transit and at-rest.
  • implement a single consolidated platform to address application and data security requirements, instead of deploying a fragmented set of point products, delivering siloed controls and relying on coding views with high implementation and maintenance costs.
  • ensure end-to-end monitoring of every data and assets access transaction


SecuPi provides the necessary controls for securing data and tools achieving ZT based on the DoD and NIST model providing a super-set of capabilities to address the application and analytical workload protection pillars as well as the Data security pillar with multi-facet, contextual, attribute-based access control (ABAC), sensitive data classification, real-time data usage monitoring, Dynamic Masking and FPE encryption.

Download a summary of the Zero Trust 2.0 Reference Architecture


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