SecuPi for Microsoft Azure


SecuPi is a comprehensive data security platform designed to complement Microsoft Purview for on-premises and cross-cloud data sources. With features such as sensitive data activity monitoring with classifications, tagging, and access control, SecuPi ensures the protection of sensitive data using client-side Format Preserving Encryption (FPE), tokenization, masking, and obfuscation techniques.


Explore the SecuPi integration with Microsoft Purview on the Azure Marketplace.

Key Features

  • De-identification: SecuPi de-identifies sensitive data at-rest or in-use using client-side format-preserving encryption (FPE), tokenization, and dynamic masking, ensuring secure access to the data through real-time monitoring and Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC).
  • Integration: Reports, data exports, and logs generated in applications are encrypted and tagged with Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP), ensuring comprehensive data protection.


  • Comprehensive Security: SecuPi offers the most comprehensive data security across Microsoft Azure and on-premises solutions, externalizing the security and de-identification of sensitive data from the underlying technologies.
  • Quick Compliance: Enable quick compliance with regulations such as GDPR, CPRA, HIPAA, DORA, etc., ensuring sensitive data is protected both at-rest and in-use.
  • Cost-Effective: Reduce costs with consolidation and holistic management and enforcement, integrating seamlessly with Microsoft Azure services.


  • Quick Deployment: Deploys quickly with zero code changes over business applications, analytics, and database access tools.
  • Wide Coverage: Secure data across a wide range of data systems, ensuring high performance and scalability. SecuPi provides coverage across Azure data ingestion functions, HD Insight, and Azure Databricks, and across data stores such as Azure SQL, Azure Database for PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, and Redis Cache, and consumption with Synapse, Azure SQL Studio, SSMS, etc.
  • End-User Visibility: Provide end-user visibility into data security, enbaling security teams to monitor and control access to sensitive data.

The SecuPi integration with Microsoft Azure Services offers:

  • Automatic Labeling for Microsoft Purview Information Protection: Integrates with Microsoft Purview Information Protection to provide labeling on files generated from business applications, ensuring files are labeled based on their content sensitivity.
  • RMS Encryption: Automatically secure sensitive file exports with Rights Management Services (RMS) encryption protection, ensuring only authorized users can access protected content.
  • Real-time Monitoring & Auditing: Enhance audit with granular user context to file exports, monitoring users in real-time during every file export and providing audit information containing the labels and classifications used.
  • Fine-grained Attribute-based Access Controls (ABAC): Apply dynamic masking or data redaction to secure sensitive data at the source, complying with privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, etc. User attributes from Entra ID and data classifications from Purview Data Catalog can be used to dynamically authorize access to your sensitive data, ranging from row and column level to cell-level access.

SecuPi offers a robust data security solution for Microsoft Azure users, providing comprehensive data protection, compliance with various global privacy regulations, and cost-effective management and enforcement. The SecuPi integration with Microsoft Azure services accelerates time to value while ensuring sensitive data is always protected.

Explore SecuPi for Microsoft Azure to secure your sensitive data, ensure compliance, and streamline data management and enforcement.

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