SecuPi for Google Cloud

SecuPi for Google Cloud

SecuPi has developed a joint solution with Google Cloud, addressing requirements for cloud-based data processing. With this solution, the  SecuPi platform provides zero-code end-to-end data protection running on Google Cloud Confidential Computing.

The unique benefits of this solution include

  1. De-Identification* and re-identification of sensitive regulated data within trusted environments (either on-prem or within Confidential Computing).
  2. Guaranteed end-to-end data protection – meaning that protected data can be utilized across all Google Cloud data services (including BigQuery, VertexAI etc) and is never accessible in clear text by unauthorized users.
  3. Format-preserving and type-preserving encryption preserves the utility and relevance of protected data for analytics and machine learning use-cases.
  4. Centralized and fine-grained Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) of all sensitive data across BigQuery, Bigtable, Cloud Spanner, Cloud SQL etc.
  5. Sensitive Data Activity Monitoring (DAM) with tamper-proof context-rich activity audit trails.
  6. Segregation of duties between Google Cloud (as the Cloud Provider) and SecuPi (as the Data Protection Provider).
  7. Flexible solution with support for Hybrid-Cloud & Multi-Cloud deployments.

In this whitepaper, you can learn about the SecuPi & Google Cloud joint solution deployment architectures scenarios for hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud to provide organizations with maximum flexibility and freedom of choice.

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