SecuPi for Databricks

SecuPi is an officially certified Databricks Validated Partner. With a certified client-side encryption solution tailored for Databricks Cloud Lakehouse and Unity catalog, SecuPi offers a robust platform that ensures data security at scale while adhering to stringent data sovereignty laws.

Key Features of SecuPi’s Integration with Databricks:

Certified Client-Side Encryption Solution

SecuPi’s client-side encryption solution for Databricks Lakehouse platform and Unity Catalog has achieved general availability. This cutting-edge technology ensures that critical data is consistently encrypted within Databricks, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access and aligning with data-centric Zero-Trust principles.

Fine-Grained Access Control (ABAC)

SecuPi provides fine-grained access control (ABAC), empowering organizations to implement a comprehensive security posture. This feature enhances data protection by enforcing Segregation-of-Duties (SoD) with Databricks account administrators, reducing data liability and fortifying against potential risks.

Compliance with Global Data Laws

SecuPi’s integration with Databricks caters to global data governance requirements. Mandated client-side encryption addresses GDPR and DORA compliance in Europe, while also ensuring conformity with data sovereignty laws in the Asia-Pacific region. In the United States, the solution aligns seamlessly with data-centric Zero-Trust principles.


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