WFH Data Protection – Work from Home

How real-time and centralized monitoring, auditing, and user behavior analysis mitigates the risks of a remote workforce

Response to the coronavirus pandemic is mandating millions of people around the world to self-quarantine and work from home (WFH). This dramatic shift in work practice increases the risk to business continuity by forcing companies to switch to typically less secure remote network access in their aim to ensure that business systems are still available to WFH employees.

The risks of the WFH paradigm
In the attempt to ensure ongoing productivity, remote employees are often granted access to data and systems by using business applications that are not designed to grant the protection required by remote access. This renders the systems and files that contain regulated personal customer data, as well as sensitive business information – highly vulnerable to misuse and leakage.
CIOs, DPOs, Application Owners, and Risk Officers are faced with the challenge of how to mitigate this risk and ensure that remote access to data and applications is not abused by unwitting or malicious insiders and that this data will not be hijacked by hackers.

How SecuPi mitigates the risk?
SecuPi, a leading provider of data protection solutions, delivers an offering that mitigates the risk of a WFH paradigm to data protection and business continuity. This offering enables real-time and centralized monitoring, auditing, and user behavior analysis for home-workers. This way organizations can leverage a fine-grained audit trail regarding sensitive data and transactions across any business application. The solution can also monitor and audit VDI/Jump servers both on-prem and in the cloud without making any change to application code, databases, or network configuration.

How it works
The SecuPi platform access control module enables row filtering based on location, “right of deletion,” or opt-out, as well as anonymization or column level encryption and dynamic masking.


Benefits realized

  • Accelerated time to value through an installation within days
  • A seamless deployment that requires no change to databases nor network configurations
  • Full visibility into data location and inventory of all PII across every system
  • Tamper-proof audit trail of all access to sensitive data
  • Risk scoring and accountability for all access to PII
  • Compliance with audit requirements as based on policy
  • Fine-grained access control over regulated data
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