Proactive DAM (Database Activity Monitoring)

In a world where data is considered the new currency, the frequency of data breaches continues to rise. Organizations face significant financial losses and reputational damage when data security is compromised. Monitoring and protecting data stores, including databases, data warehouses, and data lakes, are paramount to maintaining a secure environment. Organizations today must safeguard their data against potential threats, ensure compliance with ever-evolving regulations, and maintain efficiency in the face of constant technological change.

One key tool in this pursuit has been Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) solutions. However, not all DAM solutions are created equal, and using a legacy DAM tool for cloud databases may not be the best approach. Legacy DAM solutions, initially designed for on-premises databases, may fall short in addressing the complexities of modern cloud environments.

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SecuPi’s Proactive DAM Solution emerges as a robust choice, offering agentless monitoring, dynamic access control, and scalability required for the current data management landscape. SecuPi addresses the challenges of securing sensitive data. The solution comprises three main elements: real-time visibility and classification, fine-grain access control, and data identification, encryption, masking, and deletion.

When comparing SecuPi to other Legacy DAM solution there are several key differentiators that set SecuPi apart:

Agentless Deployment: Unlike traditional DAM solutions, SecuPi’s Proactive DAM does not require installing agents on databases. This feature provides multiple deployment options and ensures minimal impact on database performance. Extensive logging is not necessary, contributing to the solution’s efficiency.

Real-time User Activity Monitoring: SecuPi’s Proactive DAM offers real-time user activity monitoring, providing visibility into actual users, including application and analytics users. In contrast, Legacy DAM solutions often struggle to identify real users, relying on service accounts and generic DBA accounts.

Cost and Performance: SecuPi’s agentless deployment eliminates the need for extensive logging on databases, resulting in reduced overhead and optimal performance. Legacy DAM solutions may introduce performance issues due to the installation of agents and extensive logging requirements.

Elevate Your Data Security With SecuPi Proactive DAM

The SecuPi Platform offers more than just a monitoring tool; it presents a holistic solution to the evolving demands of data security. For organizations aspiring to stay ahead of the curve, SecuPi is not merely an investment in today’s challenges but a strategic commitment to fortify their data protection endeavors in the ever-changing landscape of technology and security. For organizations seeking a forward-looking, adaptable, and comprehensive DAM solution, SecuPi’s Proactive Database Activity Monitoring stands out as a strategic investment.

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