New Zealand’s Privacy Act

The Privacy Act (1993, updated 2020)

In June 2020, New Zealand’s parliament passed the country’s Privacy Bill, which will update the country’s data protection practices for the first time in more than a generation.

The bill, which replaces the 1993 Privacy Act, includes GDPR-like measures such as data breach reporting requirements and increased fines for non-compliance.

The extraterritorial scope of the Privacy Act means that overseas businesses or organizations carrying on business in New Zealand will be subject to the Act’s privacy obligations, even if they do not have a physical presence in New Zealand. This will particularly affect online businesses.

How SecuPi Helps:

SecuPi fully supports Consent and Preference Management (Opt-In/Opt-Out) with Dynamic Masking, Row Filtering, Anonymization, Pseudonymization and Redaction of PII. SecuPi’s Logical Deletion and full life cycle data retention management capabilities simplify compliance with APPI and other national data privacy regulations Right of Erasure, Right To Be Forgotten (RTBF), Restriction of Use and other Consent and Preference Management processes.


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