SecuPi enables easy discovery of sensitive data subjects and data flows across business applications. SecuPi’s Discovery methodology enables automatic (data-source), semi-supervised (data-flow) and supervised (screen-based) discovery and classification with unprecedented accuracy.

SecuPi supports classification of both structured and unstructured data:

Structured Data:

SecuPi Classification is done by using the agent to record a business user’s activity within the application. While the user interacts with the application, all data access is recorded with full lineage from the screen to the table/column level. Interactive Tool allows selecting sensitive information in the application pages and giving them risk score.

Unstructured Data:

SecuPi enables to classify unstructured data and files as they are exported from the applications. Considering that most of the unstructured data within organizations is generated through applications with access to sensitive data, SecuPi enables organizations to classify the majority their unstructured data as it is generated.

These approaches enable classifying the most sensitive data in an application in a matter of hours.

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