Data in the Cloud

Companies are progressively transferring their data to data lakes and Big data.

While moving data to the cloud offers numerous advantages, storing data in the cloud introduce new risk factors. With that being said, organizations are still responsible to protect your personal customer’s information and comply with privacy regulations.

SecuPi supports services on the cloud such as data lakes and serverless data, enabling organizations to reclaim control over their data. SecuPi monitors sensitive data access in real time and identifies sensitive operations done on it. It then enforces data protection rules validating that only verified user can access this data. It can be deployed on GCP, Azure, AWS and other cloud services.

SecuPi can provide the same capabilities on the cloud as on-prem by protecting data at-rest and in-motion, via anonymization, dynamic masking, logical deletion or encryption, all of which can be applied using SecuPi encryption or third-party encryption vendors.

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