SecuPi for Collibra Protect

SecuPi for Collibra Protect 

SecuPi for Collibra Protect enables your data stewards can safeguard your organizations data by easily creating policies that control access to data, de-identify sensitive data using FPE Encryption, tokenization and masking.

In Snowflake, Databricks, Redshift and other cloud data sources there is data that needs to be secured while addressing data-sharing agreements, compliance with privacy and sovereignty laws.

Use Collibra policies to empower your data stewards for faster data provisioning, and better data protection and governance.

Here are the main benefits SecuPi can provide to Collibra:

  1. Extend Collibra Protect policies using SecuPi from Snowflake to all cross-cloud data platforms,
  2. Enable Self-Service Data Access for Users
  3. Simplify data access by leveraging Collibra Policies and workflows. Users can find datasets and get secure access in minutes instead of weeks.
  4. Build trust by staying on top of where sensitive data is stored and know who is accessing it with detailed auditing and reporting.


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