Applications on the Cloud

Move To The Cloud Safely With SecuPi

As a result of today’s technological advancements, it is likely that your organization has moved at least some, if not most, of its applications to the cloud. With the benefits of moving to the cloud, there are apparent security risks, one of which is losing visibility and controls over applications and sensitive data.

SecuPi helps you close this gap by putting back the power in your hands and reclaiming control and visibility over your application in order to protect your data and comply with regulations.

By deploying the SecuPi overlay on the application, SecuPi provides real-time monitoring, comprehensive audit capabilities, and security policies to secure data and ensure that it is accessed on a need-to-know basis, so only allowed personnel will be able to access sensitive information.

Lift And Shift Made Easy

SecuPi makes application Lift-and-Shift project simple and safe.

By supporting the Hybrid mode, the SecuPi overlay can be simultaneously deployed both on-prem and on the cloud, enabling to define configurations and rules without doing the same job twice.

Reach For The Sky With SecuPi

All the functionalities in the SecuPi platform can be applied to applications in the cloud including

Discovering sensitive data without technical knowledge, monitoring and auditing data access and applying data protection at rest and in motion. SecuPi can also interact with native SaaS applications.

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