SecuPi & Google Cloud Joint Solution

27 Feb, 2023
2 min read

Organizations can now leverage the SecuPi Data-Centric Security Platform and Google Cloud Confidential Computing to implement end-to-end data protection, de-identification, fine-grained access control and column-level encryption across Google Cloud (GCP), hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud environments, with full Segregation of Duties. This solution enables organizations to access all Google Cloud managed data services (including BigQuery & Vertex AI) while maintaining end-to-end protection of sensitive data and remaining compliant with the strictest telecoms secrecy regulations.

Simplified & Centralized Data Protection and De-Identification for Communication Service Providers over Google Cloud

As organizations continue to collect, process, and maintain sensitive customer information, their obligation to comply with data protection laws like GDPR becomes more crucial.

Confidentiality of communications (also called telecoms secrecy) is also protected by law in many countries, and communications data is typically subject to even stricter legal requirements than personal data.

At the same time, organizations are adopting cloud as part of their digital transformation and need to adopt new technologies, such as data analytics and machine learning at scale to create new revenue streams, delight customers with personalized experiences and continue to be innovative.

Organizations are looking for data protection frameworks that enable access to cloud analytics & machine learning, while offering guaranteed end-to-end protection of sensitive data and Segregation of Duties between the cloud provider and the data protection provider. Client-side encryption at the file level is not a viable solution as it blocks analytics and ML use-cases.


SecuPi’s Solution & Google Cloud

SecuPi has developed a joint solution with Google Cloud, addressing requirements for cloud-based data processing. With this solution, the  SecuPi platform provides zero-code end-to-end data protection running on Google Cloud Confidential Computing.

The unique benefits of this solution include

  1. De-Identification* and re-identification of sensitive regulated data within trusted environments (either on-prem or within Confidential Computing).
  2. Guaranteed end-to-end data protection – meaning that protected data can be utilized across all Google Cloud data services (including BigQuery, VertexAI etc) and is never accessible in clear text by unauthorized users.
  3. Format-preserving and type-preserving encryption preserves the utility and relevance of protected data for analytics and machine learning use-cases.
  4. Centralized and fine-grained Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) of all sensitive data across BigQuery, Bigtable, Cloud Spanner, Cloud SQL etc.
  5. Sensitive Data Activity Monitoring (DAM) with tamper-proof context-rich activity audit trails.
  6. Segregation of duties between Google Cloud (as the Cloud Provider) and SecuPi (as the Data Protection Provider).
  7. Flexible solution with support for Hybrid-Cloud & Multi-Cloud deployments.

In this whitepaper, you can learn about the SecuPi & Google Cloud joint solution deployment architectures scenarios for hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud to provide organizations with maximum flexibility and freedom of choice.

Download Whitepaper


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