SecuPi & BigID


BigID and SecuPi Data Security and Compliance Platform deliver zero-code policy enforcement to Protect Data and all Ways to it.


SecuPi & BigID Governance Enablement Platform


Critical Data is scattered across multiple data sources cross Cloud and hybrid, accessed using applications, analytics and direct DB tools to allow operations and better decision making. At the same time, data security and governance require real-time monitoring of all sensitive data access, de-identification/encryption and fine-grained “need-to-know” access controls. Your BigID deployment provides valuable insights on the whereabouts of your critical data, imposing fiduciary responsibility to protect it. SecuPi Data Protection platform is integrated with BigID classification, delivering data security & de-identification​, as well as deletion and geo-fencing​ .


 SecuPi & BigID Full Integration

SecuPi out-of-the-box integration with BigId data discovery platform and SecuPi’s proven implementation methodology, organizations can quickly address multiple, complex data protection use cases

Common Use Cases

Access Control & Enforcement

Access Control & Entitlement Enforcement, ensuring access to sensitive data granted only on a need-to-know basis over business applications, analytical tools, privileged users etc.

Data De-identification

Ensuring sensitive data is protected at-rest enables quick adoption of cloud platform with full SoD & Key Segregation as well as enhanced security for non-production environments

Data Privacy Right Enforcement

Enforcement of data subject rights (SDR) for CCPA, GDPR and similar, ensuring erasure (RTBF), consent and other requests applied across multiple data-stores and processing technologies

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