SecuPi + BigID: Protect Your Data in the Cloud

5 Jul, 2022
1 min read

With the accelerated adoption of Cloud Data Platforms, sensitive data is making its way into data lakes, data warehouses and operational databases, making the discovery and protection of critical data more important than ever. CISOs, CDOs and CPOs need to protect sensitive data for addressing insider and external threats, as well as increasing compliance restrictions on data access.

Data security requirements and privacy regulations are rapidly changing. Evolving standards and variance by country and type of data make it difficult for data leaders to keep up.

BigID discovers and classifies sensitive data at scale cross Cloud and Hybrid.

SecuPi Data Security platform monitors all access to sensitive data, de-identify it (using FPE encryption, tokenization and masking) and enforce Policy-Based Access Control/ABAC.

SecuPi Privacy module masks and deletes customer data during and past retention across operational and analytics data stores, as well as filtering and de-identifying customer and employee data to address sovereignty laws.



With SecuPi and BigID, customers mitigate data risk.

  • Identify sensitive data, de-identify and protect it at-rest and in-use.
  • Automate “right of erasure”, consent, retention management, and compliance with sovereignty laws

To learn more about how SecuPi and BigID provide data insight for privacy, security, and governance across Cloud and Hybrid:

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