The SecuPi Platform

SecuPi provides a single platform for protecting sensitive data, whether applied for compliance or security purposes (or both), SecuPi secures data with no code changes in just a matter of days.


SecuPi provides granular user activity visibility and controls, covering packaged and home-grown applications, tools and big-data environments. SecuPi protects data across all cloud and on-prem platforms seamlessly with no code changes
Protect Data and Meet Compliance Within Days
Deployed across thousand of application nodes and DBA clients in a matter of days
One-stop Shop Platform
A single centralized solution for protection and privacy compliance for all applications. Protect data in transit, in use and at rest.
Low Development Efforts
No source-code changes, No DB agents, No development efforts with fast & cost-effective implementation


Discover & Map
Discover, map and classify personal customer data and data-flows on applications and systems
Monitor & Audit
Real-time monitoring and auditing of user activity applied for privacy requirements such as “Records of processing activities” and “Right of access”
Control & Protect
Mask, redact and encrypt personal data and meet privacy regulation requirements such as "Right to be Forgotten", "Consent & Data Minimization", while keeping data access on a need to know basis

Privacy Compliance

SecuPi delivers a compliance-enforcement platform with granular visibility and Data Access Governance capabilities for being aligned with today's privacy regulations (e.g. GDPR, CPRA, HIPAA, PCI) and comply with future ones.
The platform provides the technical tools for implementing discovery, monitoring and control of personal data access, helping to address compliance articles such as "right to be forgotten", “records of processing”, “data cancellation”, “consent controls”, “data minimization” and pseudonymization across enterprise applications.


The SecuPi Platform protects enterprise applications, data warehouses, and DBA client tools from malicious insiders and hackers.
By combining Dynamic Data Masking, Data Activity Monitoring and User Behavior Analytics, SecuPi detects and prevents malicious insider activity. When handling data access, SecuPi doesn’t change the actual data, only it’s presentation, ensuring that the data remains accurate and unmanipulated.
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