From Data Discovery to Remediation
Proven Strategies for Successful Data Protection

Join us for a fireside chat featuring Jan Brown, VP Strategic Accounts at SecuPi, and Alon Rosenthal, CEO & Co-Founder of SecuPi, where they will explore key milestones in the journey from data classification to ensuring robust data protection and compliance.

Discover effective strategies for replacing outdated database activity monitoring (DAM), masking, and encryption tools with a cutting-edge Data Security (DSP) platform. Gain insights into de-identification and fine-grained access control (ABAC) options that effectively address challenges from legacy systems to AI.



Jan Brown

VP Strategic Accounts, SecuPi


Alon Rosenthal

CEO & Co-founder, SecuPi

Thu, Feb 29, 2024


Time: 11:00am EST / 17:00 CET

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