2024 Data Security Insights, Predictions, and Key Pitfalls to Avoid

21 Dec, 2023
2 min read

IT executives will be focused in 2024 on creating insights by data utilization. These insights are created using Cloud analytics and AI. This comes on top of massive lifting of sensitive data and applications from on-prem to Clouds. Still, the challenge remains – addressing data privacy, sovereignty, and security, avoiding fines, breaking data-sharing agreements with internal and external data owners, and of course, avoiding data breaches. 

Leading organizations are already realizing the need for an enterprise-scale data protection platform that includes three functional pillars:

  1. De-identification of data at-rest using FPE and Type sage Encryption, tokenization, physical masking and deletion as it needs to be consistently applied across ingestion pipeline, data-sharing and AI.
  2. Protection of data in-use by enforcing fine-grained authorization leveraging an Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) enforced across all ways to the data across analytics, critical applications, and direct DB tools for Cloud and on-premises.
  3. Sensitive user activity monitoring and classification to ensure access on a “need to know” basis while blocking or dynamic masking abnormal behavior.

Delivering all these in ONE comprehensive Data Security Platform enables data utilization while minimizing data liability, privacy, sovereignty, and compliance concerns is the most efficient and future-proof way to make it happen. 

Leaders that have chosen to break each component and deploy three siloed tools (separate role-based access control, separate de-identification and separate database activity monitoring) will waste scarce resources in creating, validating, synchronizing, and expanding these.

In addition, the business will require frequent enhancements across new data platforms which will require retrofitting forever new data compliance requirements to come. 

Choosing the wrong tool with limited support platform and functionality (e.g., supporting only Snowflake and not Oracle, or Databricks and not Spark) will risk adoption and diminish ROI.

Another common mistake to avoid in 2024 is addressing each of the following use cases independently – and not as ONE data utilization-enablement program. 

Look to consolidate into one platform:

  1. Sensitive data encryption, tokenization and ABAC of Cloud analytics and data-sharing for Snowflake, Databricks or other Cloud analytics platform.
  2. Privilege user’s data de-identification and user activity monitoring for DBAs, DevOps, Cloud admins and offshore/outsource teams.
  3. De-identification/masking/tokenization of production data-clones for AI/ML training as well as for non-production environments used by developers, DevOps and DBAs.
  4. Encryption of sensitive data in critical applications.

In past years these programs were resolved by acquiring and implementing dedicated tools – causing resource fatigue, blind spots of sensitive data, and high TCO.

2024 is the year to strategize and embrace a centralized comprehensive, Cloud-ready and future-compliant data protection platform.

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