One Data Security Platform (DSP) for
Auditing Monitoring Classifying Controlling Masking Encrypting
data across all cloud & on-prem platforms

seamlessly with no code changes
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The SecuPi Platform

SecuPi provides an overarching Data Security Platform (DSP) delivering fine-grained access control (ABAC), Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) and de-identification using FPE encryption, physical and dynamic masking and deletion. The SecuPi offers wide coverage across applications, data stores and analytics/AI environments, delivered through its self-contained distributed agentless, transparent gateways and agent-based Enforcers to protect both cloud and on-prem data.
Single Platform
ONE centralized platform for Cloud analytics applications (Cloud and on-prem) and direct DB tools.
Scalable and Efficient
Agile and efficient configurable platform to meet current & future regulatory and audit requirements
No Code Changes
No source-code changes with fast & cost-efficient implementation.

Featured Use Cases

Next-Gen DAM (Database Activity Monitoring)

SecuPi’s Next-Generation DAM is built for Cloud, designed to scale and drastically reduces costs and overhead of legacy DAM solutions.

Attribute-based Access Control (ABAC)

How SecuPi’s fine-grain data access controls protect sensitive data so users get access only to data they are entitled to view, and no more.

SecuPi for Google Cloud

Simplified & Centralized Data Protection and De-Identification over Google Cloud

Data Mesh Security

Seamlessly integrate with Starburst/Trino for automated enforcement of data access policies and data protection operations

SecuPi for Banking

A global Financial Services customer case study. Automated governance and access-control enforcement for sensitive customer data protection

SecuPi Data Air-Locks Approach

Prevent cloud account admins from accessing decrypted data, while addressing sovereignty laws as critical data is ONLY decrypted locally

SecuPi for Snowflake

Ensure that your encrypted data can never be decrypted by Snowflake Account Admins and meet privacy data sovereignty requirements.

Zero Trust 2.0 , Privacy & Sovereignty

How to Address the technical data protection requirements and identify common best practices

Achieve Compliance Worldwide

The most practical platform to address all technical Privacy Regulation articles quickly and efficiently

Starting with classification in the assessment phase to the dynamic consent management, Pseudonymization, records of processing and data subject deletion/anonymization requirements for GDPR, CCPA, PCI, etc. – all in a simple and practical manner – with no source-code, database, network configurations or any end point changes required.

4 Steps to Compliance

Install SecuPi on business applications
Integrate with discovery tools and classify & map personal data-flows from source to destination
Define policies to apply data minimization, consent & “Right to be Forgotten”
Go Live
Enforce subjects rights while auditing and monitoring in real-time all personal data flows and processes
Liberty Global

“At Sunrise (acquired by Liberty Global) , customers’ data protection has the highest priority. Security and data protection is a complex global issue. SecuPi were able to fulfill our requirements, ensuring peace of mind for our enterprise clients and their customers.”


Elmar Grasser,
Chief Technology Officer at Sunrise Switzerland (acquired by Liberty Global)

Metro (by Metro) is constantly looking to provide the utmost privacy and security measures to protect its customer private data. SecuPi allows us to classify, monitor, protect and delete customer personal data within our existing application landscape, making them GDPR-ready in a timely manner.


Dr. Andreas Gilch, Data Protection Officer

AIA Group

“Data Privacy is a critical need across all industries, also due to increased regulations in data privacy and the new normal of remote working. The trust and confidence placed by our customers to properly handle their information makes it imperative for us to meet their expectations. We are pleased to partner with SecuPi, who have offered to provide innovative data privacy solutions identifying the needs and regulatory changes in Thailand, for our customers.”


Kitti Manakongtreecheep, Chief Technology Officer, AIA

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